About reHatch

Who Am I?

My name is Tessa Mintz. reHatch is born from my experience of re-inventing myself over a 25+ year career: from a health care professional to a business executive and to the world beyond traditional roles.

After leaving my C-Suite roles, I could not find a “next step” career descriptor that was a comfortable fit.

I am not a traditional consultant, not a freelancer or contractor, nor an easily explained subject matter expert.

I could not find a word that encapsulated to others my deep and broad cross-functional and cross-sectoral skills and my huge desire to continue to contribute in my working life.

So I created one: I am a reHatcher.


What is a reHatcher?

reHatchers are people like me who are on their second, third or more career, are not tied to titles, not tied to 9 – 5 or 5 days a week, and are not climbing the career ladder.

However, they still want to contribute meaningfully, have tremendous experience and skills to bring to the table and want to work with passion, in a flexible way.

But reHatchers often sell themselves short.

And this is because they are often stuck living with false beliefs (a fact I’ve confirmed through innumerable coffee shop meetings and conversations over the last 2 years).

They falsely believe that the kind of work they dream of is not available.

They falsely believe that the value that they bring cannot be seen.

They falsely believe that employers prefer younger, shinier models.

The truth is that reHatchers offer employers a wealth of experience, talents and deeply-honed skills, as well as flexibility in their working styles and expectations.


How can reHatchers help?

What’s most exciting is that there is a legion of start ups, non-profits, small-medium enterprises, social purpose businesses who can benefit from reHatchers.

These enterprises are faced with the need for the senior and seasoned talent required to grow or evolve.

They want people that don’t need to see a complicated brief, RFP or hard-edged job description.

They want part-timers who are passionate not transitional.

They want short-term embedded executives without committing to a full-time senior hire.

They want people who will roll up their sleeves, not only advice providers and mentors (both of which are also vital roles).

They want people who are comfortable working “in the grey”.

And, they want pinch hitters.

What they want and need are reHatchers.


And So Here It Is …

reHatch: the place that connects a new breed of talent with the needs of today’s businesses.

It’s simple.  No fees.  No fuss.  See how.